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Free Download: GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite - The Ultimate Firewall and Network Monitor

GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite - A Free and Powerful Network Security Tool

Do you want to know what your PC is doing on the network? Do you want to protect your PC from online threats and malware? Do you want to monitor and manage your network activity and bandwidth usage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a network security tool that can help you do all these tasks and more. You need GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite.

GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite is a software program that can monitor and analyze your network traffic and firewall activity. You can use it to see your current and past network activity, detect and block malicious applications, get alerted of network changes and anomalies, and control your network connections and firewall rules.

GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite

GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite has many features that make it stand out from other network security tools. Some of these features are:

  • It has a beautiful and intuitive interface that shows you a graph of your network activity, as well as detailed information about your apps, hosts, traffic types, and alerts.

  • It has a privacy mode that hides your network activity from prying eyes.

  • It has a GlassWire score that rates your network security based on various factors, such as the number of alerts, the type of traffic, the reputation of hosts, etc.

  • It has an anomaly detection system that warns you of unusual or suspicious network events, such as new devices joining your network, new apps accessing the internet, changes in your firewall settings, etc.

  • It has a management console that allows you to monitor and manage multiple remote servers or PCs with GlassWire installed.

  • It has a network time machine that lets you go back in time and see what your PC was doing on the network in the past.

  • It has a network alert system that notifies you of any important or relevant network events, such as new app connections, data usage limits, firewall changes, etc.

  • It has a bandwidth usage monitor that shows you how much data your PC or apps are using on the network, and helps you avoid going over data caps or limits.

  • It has a remote server monitor that lets you monitor the network activity and firewall status of any server or PC with GlassWire installed.

  • It has a network traffic and application monitor that shows you which apps are using the most bandwidth or generating the most alerts on your network.

  • It has an ask to connect mode that allows you to approve or deny new app connections on your network.

  • It has a lock down mode that blocks all network connections on your PC while you are away.

  • It has a mini graph that shows you a summary of your network activity on your desktop or taskbar.

  • It has a who's on your WiFi or network feature that shows you all the devices connected to your network or WiFi hotspot.

  • It has a firewall profiles feature that lets you create custom firewall rules for different scenarios or situations.

  • It has an idle time network monitor that shows you what your PC was doing on the network while you were away.

  • It has skins and dark themes that let you customize the appearance of GlassWire according to your preferences.

  • It has an evil twin detection feature that warns you if someone is trying to spoof your WiFi hotspot or router.

With GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite, you can monitor and secure your network in a simple and effective way. But how can you get this amazing tool for free? The answer is simple: just download it from [GRB], a trusted source of free software downloads.

[GRB] is a website that offers a variety of software for free download, including GlassWire v1.2.73 Elite. All you have to do is visit the website, search for the software you want, and click on the download link. You will get a torrent file that you can open with any torrent client, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Once you have downloaded the software, you will also get a license generator (LicGen) that you can use to activate it and enjoy all its features without any limitations. Just follow the instructions in the readme file and you will ad790ac5ba


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