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Best Books On European Travel

He has a couple of books out that cover Europe on a broad scale. The first details how to acquire the proper skills to travel Europe and the second is an overview of different European destinations which is great if you are doing a multi-country trip.

best books on european travel

Playing it safe is not an option for Santiago. After having a recurring dream of finding treasure in Egypt, the young Andalusian shepherd sets out to make that dream a reality. One of the best travel books for any dreamer, this bestseller is an allegorical novel filled with inspirational quotes that will help you to listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

We may not be able to venture far right now, but these travel books, from classics to comic travelogues, take us on journeys around the worldShare your favourites in the comments below

We may not be able to venture far right now, but these travel books, from classics to comic travelogues, take us on journeys around the worldShare your favourites in the comments below

To be honest, this one is close to being a travel book. Rick Steves is a well-known traveler, with a large number of guide books and television shows sharing his exploits with the world. But, this book describes Europe in a way that no travel guide can. Rick is a master of sharing anecdotes of his travels through Europe, never failing to describe the flavours, sights, and sounds of the continent and the wonderful cities we all yearn to see. This was a wonderful escape during the 2020 lockdowns, a true lifesaver!

John Baxter is a master at his craft. He describes his life in Paris in a vivid, easy-to-read style, never failing to delve into the history of the streets he is roaming. He has published a number of books on Paris and its historic neighbourhoods, all immersing the reader in the sights, sounds, and culture of Paris. This is probably the next best thing to living in Paris yourself.

A personal description of Provencal life as seen through the eyes of the author and his wife when they move into an old farmhouse at the foot of the Luberon mountains between Avignon and Aix. The bestselling work of non-fiction in paperback of 1991 in the UK.ExploreSimilar booksBook lists with this bookWhy do people like this book?TopicsProvenceFranceVineyardsHomeGenresComing soon...PreviewBookshop.orgAmazonThe Spy Who Came in from the ColdByJohn Le Carré,

The greatest strength of the Footprint Guides is in their understanding of transport. It is one of the few series that understands the travel around a city AND the travel between cities. Too many times, I have seen other books recommend going from this site to this site, without any explanation on the travel between the two. Footprint Guides provide all transport details as part of their planning, and it really helps. The highlights and cultural backgrounds are also very detailed and helpful. The only thing I would add would be some more information on cost details and budget ranges.

It was one of history's great self-publishing success stories. When two young travelers roughed it in a minivan from London to Sydney, they decided to write a practical guide about their experiences. Working on a kitchen table, they typed out a list of their favorite budget hotels and cheap restaurants from Tehran to Djakarta, stapled the copied pages together into a 90-page booklet and sold it for $1.80 a pop. Their instincts were correct: There was a huge hunger for information on how to travel on a budget in the Third World, and the modest booklet sold 1,500 copies in a week. The hit became the basis for Lonely Planet, a vast guidebook empire with books on almost every country on earth. The young and financially challenged felt welcomed into the exotic corners of Nepal, Morocco and Thailand, far from the realm of five-star hotels and tour groups, often for a few dollars a day. The guidebooks' power quickly became such that in many countries, a recommendation is still enough to make a hotelier's fortune. (Having sold 100 million copies of their guidebooks, the Wheelers finally sold Lonely Planet for 130 million in 2010 to the BBC. (The BBC recently confirmed plans to sell the franchise to NC2 Media at a loss for just 51.5 million. Nobody ever claimed Across Asia was high literature, but the Wheelers now help fund a literary institution, The Wheeler Center, in their home city of Melbourne, Australia, to promote serious fiction and non-fiction).

A Smithsonian Magazine Contributing Writer, Tony Perrottet is the author of five travel and history books, including Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists and The Sinner's Grand Tour: A Journey Through the Historical Underbelly of Europe;

I spent a good amount of time alternating between writing articles on this blog and reading a ton of travel books during the first lockdown in April 2020 to distract me from the fact that traveling is no longer possible, and I'm here today to recommend you all the travel and adventure books that got me through tough times.

Without further ado, here are the 8 best travel books you should read until we can finally travel again. Let's start with the first adventure book that sparks my hiking spirit every time I read it, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

And there you have it, the 8 best travel and adventure books you should definitely read in 2021. Have you read any of these books before? What do you think about the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Want to travel for free?Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation. They are what keep me traveling so much for so little. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Looking for an Italy travel guide book to help you plan your trip? There are many options to choose from so we rounded up those that delivered the best information for planning, insight into the destinations you want to visit and those that added a little something extra.

Guidebooks are an important resource to help you plan your travels to Italy. Usually thoroughly researched and detailed, they offer a great starting point as you begin your initial trip planning. As you begin to firm up your itinerary you can also check back for tips on logistics and general information prior to arrival.

This guide book was written by Corinna Cooke, who runs small group boutique tours to Italy and is a best-selling author. She travels to Florence regularly and is well experienced and knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the city. She shares all the tips and tricks she has learned in Glam Italia! Florence.

The book guides you to avoid the tourist crowds and get off the beaten track in Florence. Corinna shares the best sights, eateries, and experiences, as well as many other insightful travel tips and suggestions for a stress-free visit.

Another excellent guide from best-selling author Corinna Cooke, who has been traveling to Venice half her life and knows the city inside out. She shares her insider knowledge and tips in Glam Italia! Venice.

We love travel in Italy and sharing our knowledge. Read our Italy trip planning guide or join our FREE Italy travel planning community. Our 95,000+ members are happy to answer questions about your itinerary, how to get from place to place, the best places to stay and fun things to do.

We love The Adventures of Seymour & Hau books, says Alex from My Life Long Holiday. Seymour and Hau is an unlikely duo that travel the world and often get caught up in an adventure like a dog-sled race in Alaska or saving camels in Morocco.

All Aboard! Colorful board books will best appeal to the youngest travelers in your family. Minimal text, just adorable little books that kids will read and re-read till they (and you) know every picture by heart.

I already mentioned this book in the beginning of the article, among the other great Lonely Planet Kids travel books and guides. Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life is world atlas for kids aged 8 years and up that will bring the whole world to life for your children. A terrific book with illustrated maps and engaging stories for children who want to learn more about other countries and continents.

Activity books are a great way to keep the kids entertained when traveling. Think about long hours waiting at the airport, sitting in the car, or getting bored at a table in a restaurant. We always carried activity books when traveling when our kids were younger.

This is just a very small selection of the best travel books for kids, but it contains some of the very best ones. Do your kids have a favorite travel book that they keep reading again and again? Please share it by leaving a comment below.

I absolutely loved this post! My 8 year old niece and I talk about traveling the world and having a bucket list. We created one for her and I suggested that she reads books on the places she wants to travel. You made that so easy for her. I have shared the post with her parents. Thanks!!!!

This gift guide focuses on the top 19 books on trains that I know all train lovers will love (try saying that 5 times rapidly!) including the history of train books, best railroad books, steam train books and other great books about trains.

There is also a selection of books about traveling by train including some which focus on great train journeys in Europe such as the Flam Railway or across Switzerland or for the more adventurous some of those amaz


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