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Spectre Subtitles English UPDATED

The heroes lock themselves in a room while the child waits outside. Jeremie barricades the door using a broomstick. Meanwhile, Ulrich, Yumi, and Aelita are feeling worse. The heroes agree that Odd will stay there to distract the spectre while the others go to the Factory through the window. The group leaves while Odd watches the spectre.

Spectre subtitles English

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As they arrive at the lab, Jim approaches Odd and demands that he remove the broom. Seeing that the spectre has left as Jim appeared, he complies. Jim questions Odd about the situation. The rest of the Lyoko Warriors virtualize immediately. Meanwhile, Odd escapes from Jim and runs off with the spectre in pursuit.

On Earth, the spectre catches up with Odd and hugs him. Odd taunts the spectre, and soon shoves the spectre away. Since he feels fine, he concludes that the boy was not a spectre, but instead a "slightly crazy, little blondie". The Eye of X.A.N.A. appears in the spectre's eyes, and Odd gets a headache. He runs off with the spectre following.

In the Desert Sector, Ulrich destroys the Tarantula. Another Blok appears and disarms Ulrich. Without his blades, Ulrich is devirtualized. Back on Earth, the buzzing in Ulrich's ears return. Odd contacts Jeremie and says that he can't shake off the spectre. According to Odd, he has started hallucinating. Ulrich leaves for the school to help Odd.

At school, the spectre hugs Odd again. Odd pushes the spectre against the wall. Jim arrives and berates Odd for attacking a smaller student. The spectre flees, and Jim chases after it, blowing his whistle. When Ulrich arrives, he asks Odd to hide, but Odd has gone deaf as a result of being exposed to the spectre.

On Lyoko, Yumi follows Jeremie's and Aelita's instructions and heads towards the tower on her Overwing. On Earth, Ulrich and Odd have locked themselves into their room. They look out the window and see Jim chasing after the spectre. The spectre sees them, and heads up the stairs towards the room, having managed to escape from Jim. Odd and Ulrich barricade the door with a bed.

After being hit by the remaining Blok, Yumi is thrown off her Overwing and heads towards the tower on foot. As the Blok prepares to devirtualize Yumi, she enters the tower. The spectre managed to break the lock on the door, and the door starts to open. Yumi deactivates the tower, and the spectre disappears. Jeremie calls Ulrich, and tells him about Yumi managing to deactivate the tower. Ulrich puts Jeremie on speaker so Odd can listen.

Jeremie and Aelita ask themselves about what Yumi had just managed to do. Aelita thinks that the integration of X.A.N.A.'s source codes into them now allows them to deactivate towers, and that becomes good news as a second tower reveals itself. Jeremie puts it simply, X.A.N.A. has tricked them. The signal of the first tower covered up that of the second. And that implies that there is another spectre.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. However, there are no updates yet regarding the official airtime. The episode with English subtitles should usually be available around an hour after it airs in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule on Sunday would be:

Aubergine, by American playwright and television writer of Korean descent, Julia Cho, is a didactic play, heavy on pathos, but not without humor, that finds its origins in Cho's own life, specifically, the death of her father. Similarly in this play, protagonist Ray, played by Tony Nam, cares for his dying father (Glenn Kubota) at home, with the help of nurse Lucien (Jefferson A. Russell), girlfriend Cornelia (Eunice Bae) and his Uncle (Song Kim).There is another character, quite at the center of the play, who never speaks a word of dialogue, but whose presence is key to the lessons to be learned and the drama which unfolds: namely, food. Appearing in the first and final scenes as thematic bookends is Everyman company member, Megan Anderson, for whom a pastrami sandwich is truly "heart" cuisine.Ray happens to be a chef, having inherited his grandmother's talent for cooking, but appears to be at a career crossroads, though that is never fully explained. His initial interaction with Cornelia give us a sense that Ray is somewhat of a man-child, not yet ready to wield "the instruments" of adulthood, though the spectre of his father's impending death seems the catalyst to launch him into full-fledged maturity. 041b061a72


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