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Penalty Box Chicken Delight Sauce Recipe

In a bowl, mix with a spoon the olive oil, white wine, chopped garlic, pepper, bay leaf, honey, paprika, Worcestershire sauce and the salt. Place the chicken pieces on a baking dish and drizzle with the sauce. Let marinate about one hour.Bake the chicken until golden, about 50 minutes. Occasionally drizzle the chicken with the sauce.Turn off the oven and serve the chicken with fries and lettuce salad.

Penalty Box Chicken Delight Sauce Recipe

Besides the above, I did not want to diminish the recipe at all, and I am still going to try it.I was just pointing out that you cannot call it Italian cuisine, as it is something we do not do.Like other things that are common abroad, and sold as Italian, like chicken on pasta, or chicken on pizza, and so on ?

My husband, who can be quite discriminating with food, loved this dish when I made it. The only changes I made were:1) I bought raw, unpeeled shrimp. So I saved the shells and added a handful to the sauce once I added the wine. I let the shells simmer through the wine and cream and removed them right before adding the parmesan cheese. I learned from other seafood recipes that the shells enhance the flavor of the sauce.

I made this for my family of 6 (doubled the recipe). Added some diced chicken breast, used 1/2 heavy cream and whole milk, slightly more fresh grated Parmesan, about a cup of thin sliced spinach, twice the wine, and 1/2 the onion load as shallots. Served over whole grain linguine. Outstanding

I increased the amounts given in your recipe as we are a family of six. I omitted the cockles/clams and added fish cake instead. I also added some kecap manis and Chinese cooking (shaoxing) wine to the sauce.

Nutmeg gets along well with cinnamon and cloves in this sweet snack recipe. A pinch of cayenne pepper adds extra warmth. These pecans are a great topper for an ice cream sundae, but also taste great with a leafy salad and grilled chicken. 350c69d7ab

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