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Battlefield 2 Crack Exe 1.5

#Totally new file structure-Ensures easy implementation of mods and expansion packs.-There is a file that includes the process id for the battlefield game running.#Gameplay tweaks-Jeeps more sensitive to shells (one shot equals one kill).-Increased B17 rate of fire for better carpet bombing.-Grenade damage versus tanks is 40% less powerful.-AA Gun Damage vs Infantry is increased (1 shot equals 1 kill in torso/head). Also removed splash damage versus infantry.-Slightly increased knife damage distance.-Slightly decreased deviation when walking and shooting with side arms.-Increased damage for Machine Gun 42 and browning versus infantry.-Increased damage for Plane Machine Guns versus other planes.-Tiger tank health increased by 25%.-Fixed M10 being treated as a jeep for splash damage.-Slightly increased damage for MP40, MP18 and Thompson versus infantry.#Cheats removed-"Long View Distance" cheat fixed.-"Wireframe" cheat fixed.-"Turning Off Fog" cheat fixed.#Sound improvements and optimizations-Irregular looping sounds and/or loss of sounds bug has been fixed.-Redundant sound state changes removed.#Memory usage optimizations.#Physics engine improvements-Mine placed on jeep causing jeep to sink through ground no longer possible.#AI optimization-Bots do not jump in and out of vehicles anymore.-Bots have improved mobility and behavior while sitting in tanks: close range enemies now make the AI drive further away and fire from distance instead of just hopelessly circling around the enemy.-Several small tweaks and improvements for bot control*Major improvements to artillery.*Improved path selection (less prone to go on rough terrain).*Major improvement of the fire behavior.*Fixed bug in SAI's bot ordering update.*Fixed AI handgun sound effect.*AI will not favor planes on a runway which is blocked by other vehicles.*Decreased AI view distance.*Several tweaks of .con-files for more accurate description of the game elements.#Menu-New Button "Custom Game" lets the player play a custom made mod game or Expansion Pack games.-Server browser "Backfire" setting displays properly in server details window.-The in-game console stays in front of game text and is less transparent for improved visibility.-Improved In-game server browser filters.-TAB button works so players can see their own score even if they didn't make the top-3.-The Minimap arrow yellow flash lasts longer when a teammate uses a voice or radio command.-Dedicated Server menu has an added function called "Automatic Restart". When checked the server will automatically restart if it crashes or is turned off any other way than pressing the stop server button.#Rendering optimization-Billboard trees for GeForce 3-4.-Hardware shadows on all cards (GeForce 1-4).-Hardware skinning on animated meshes (wheels, flags, soldiers)(GeForce 3+ and hw vertexshaders cards).*New option to put into videoDefault.con (if wanted)renderer.forceSwSkinning 1(default is 0 = use hardware if available.)-Tri-stripping (optimizing meshes to improve FPS).-GeForce4 MX support fix that eliminates desktop crashes occurring on some computers.

Featuring multiplayer support for up to 32 players, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is the ultimate test of communication and teamwork on the battlefield. Players join the fray as one of five distinct character classes each with unique combat abilities. Each Axis or Allies team can divide itself into smaller fire teams for quick and easy communication using an intuitive messaging system and dynamic command map of the entire battlefield.


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