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Fruit Ninja HD - PC Version Version Download [TOP]

Fruit Ninja is a video game developed by Halfbrick originally released on April 21, 2010. In the game, the player must slice fruit that is thrown into the air by swiping the device's touch screen with their finger(s) or (in the case of the Xbox 360 version) the player's arms and hands, and must not slice bombs. It features multiple gameplay modes, leaderboards and multiplayer.

Fruit Ninja HD - PC Version version download

Multiplayer gameplay is supported on iOS devices through Apple's Game Center application. It allows for competitive gameplay and features leaderboards and achievements. During multiplayer matches, the player's blade and fruit are highlighted in blue, while the opponent's are highlighted in red. White outlined fruit are considered neutral and may be claimed by either player. White outlined fruit are worth three points. Players must slice their own fruit while avoiding their opponent's fruit.[17][18] The iPad version of the game features enhanced graphics and also supports local multiplayer, with the screen being divided in half and each player controlling half of the screen.[2] Players can also share high scores via OpenFeint, Twitter and Facebook.[14]

On August 10, 2011, Fruit Ninja Kinect was released for the Xbox 360 console as a downloadable game from the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) Marketplace.[29] It was the first XBLA game to make use of the motion-sensing Kinect controller.[30] On screen, the fruit-slicing concept is enhanced by the Kinect to include the player's entire self; the camera places a shadowy silhouette of the player's body upon a background scene, and arm and hand movements are visualized as blade-slashing arcs to slice fruit. To promote the Xbox 360 game, a voucher token for Fruit Ninja Kinect was included in the retail box of The Gunstringer, a separate Kinect title developed by Twisted Pixel Games. Fruit Ninja Kinect received its first additional downloadable content (DLC) on August 24, 2011. Entitled 'Storm Season', the add-on DLC provided three new Xbox Live achievements and a new visual theme for the game.[31] Subsequent DLCs for the popular Kinect version included 'Space Capsule', 'Art Box', 'Christmas Present' (free), '8-bit Cartridge', 'Trick or Treat Bag', 'Flower Power', and 'High-Tech Vault'.[29] In 2012, Fruit Ninja Kinect won "Casual Game of the Year" from the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards,[32] and it continues to be ranked in the Top 10 best-selling XBLA games of all time.[33]

In March 2012, HalfBrick announced a partnership with BlueStacks to make Fruit Ninja's Android App available for Microsoft Windows worldwide. The program received over a million downloads in its first 10 days.[34] On March 18, 2015, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2[35] was released by Halfbrick for the Xbox One. Hibernum Créations is the game developer. As well as retaining all the content of the original Kinect game, the FNK2 version provides new game features such as Ninja Dodge, Strawberry Strike, Bamboo Strike, and Apple Range. Party Mode and Battle Mode allow up to four players to join together in multiplayer battle.[36] On July 7, 2016, Fruit Ninja VR was released for the HTC Vive on Steam Early Access.[11]

The iOS version of Fruit Ninja sold over 200,000 copies in its first month.[20] In its third month over one million units had been sold.[48] It passed two million units sold in September 2010, with the total reaching four million in December 2010.[49] By March 2011, total downloads across all platforms exceeded 20 million.[50] In May 2012, it reached 300 million downloads, and was on one third of all US iPhones.[51] In 2015, the app reached 1 billion downloads.[52] The Windows Phone 7 version was the top application downloaded the week of December 28, 2010.[53] The Xbox Live Arcade version moved over 739,000 units in its first calendar year.[54]

A YouTube Premium exclusive series titled Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force was announced. The CGI animated series, produced by Halfbrick Studios, follows the adventures of Seb, Niya, Peng and Ralph as they are trained to become the fruit ninja who must do battle with the ancient Durian Grey and his monsters.[58][59]

What defines a real and true ninja warrior is his capacity to slice fruit... and that's an undeniable fact. In Fruit Ninja you can put your skill with a katana to the test, cutting up all the pieces of fruit the appear in front of you. But be careful, it isn't as easy as it seems: the path is full of bombs that can end at a stroke all your aspirations to become a brave ninja.


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