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The main findings reveal that consumption of blended New Zealand blueberries at specific times pre and post eccentric muscle damaging exercise accelerates the recovery of muscle peak isometric strength and facilitated a decline in eccentric exercise-induced oxidative stress. The eccentric muscle damaging exercise applied in this study has previously been employed by this group [28, 29] and was designed to assess the effectiveness of dietary intervention on the ensuing recovery events. The greatest loss in peak and average torque/tension was seen 12 hours following the 300 maximal eccentric contractions of the quadriceps muscle, indicating muscle damage had been achieved. Indeed, the significant decrease in muscle strength (isometric, concentric and eccentric) observed in both blueberry and control beverage conditions demonstrated that pre-consumption of the blueberry beverage had no treatment effect on the ability of the 300 repetitive eccentric quadriceps muscle contractions to cause the damage and weakness which is expected after a physical effort of this nature. Importantly, in relation to recovery from the 300 eccentric contractions, a significant time-treatment interaction effect on peak isometric tension was observed. Although time-dependent improvement in peak concentric and eccentric muscle strength in the blueberry beverage condition were also evident, they were not statistically significant. While only a small number of subjects were employed in this study, the results support the trend that the consumption fruit, like New Zealand blueberries may expedite recovery in muscle function. For example, similar nutritional interventions trials involving cherry juice [30] or pomegranate-derived ellagitanins [31] have showed an improvement in isometric muscle strength following an eccentric muscle damaging exercise.

Arizona R Cherry epub


Subtle cherry red spots have been reported in one patient. More than half (53%) have abnormal VEP response but the ERG is normal. Optic atrophy with blindness is not uncommon but the full ocular phenotype remains unknown. A 6-month-old male child had MRI T2 evidence of intracranial optic nerve hypertrophy which was attributed to an accumulation of globoid cells.

These data expressed by Howatson et al suggest that consumption of tart cherry juice concentrate provides an increase in exogenous melatonin that is beneficial in improving sleep duration and might be of benefit in managing disturbed sleep. This is the latest in a series of studies that provide growing evidence toward this conclusion.

Lacking a clear explanation should not prevent us from suggesting cherry juice to patients experiencing sleep problems. The side effect profile offers no reason not to. The best time to tell patients to drink the juice is not clear. Past clinical practice might suggest taking it at bedtime. This current study though suggests divided doses, part in the morning and the remainder with dinner. 041b061a72


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