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Braun 760cc Best Buy

The high-quality micro-foil, machined with great precision, as well as the sharp blades and specially designed middle trimmer, made the Series 7 one of the best electric razors of its time, capable of providing very smooth and close shaves.

braun 760cc best buy

The series 9 does give a smoother closer shave for me on the cheek and jaw areas. However, the series 9 always gives me irriated skin if I push hard for a close shave on the neck area; every single time. So I end up using both the Series 7 and Series 9 together for the best overall shave! The 9 for a close shave on the face, but use the 7 always on *sensitive* mode (only) for shaving over sensitive neck areas, and I also the 7 trimmer exclusively for rogue whiskers missed, as I do not find the Series 9 trimmer effective.

I have an old Braun Series 7 with a cleaning and charging station and I want to replace it with a newer series 7 one for dry shaving only Does my cleaning and charging station that I have would work for the new one I am buying or do I need to get a new station with the new shaver and what would be the best model that I have to get Many Thanks Charles Honein

Great info, Ovidiu. I have been thinking about upgrading from my 760cc, which I have used for the past 7 years. It still works well but I have always had a problem getting it to shave my neck areas, also stray hairs around ears that tend to grow long. I usually end up going back over these with a Gillette razor. I would be interested in trying one of the Series 9 models, probably the 9290cc if you think it would better address my problem areas. Thanks.

I have just recently bought the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver 7898cc with cleaning station having used a cheap rotary head shaver before. I cannot believe the difference in shaving. It took a couple of weeks for my skin to adjust but, boy what a difference. You cannot go wrong with this model, and to make things even better I bought it for 80.00 cheaper than the advertised price after carrying out some research and searching for the best deals. I think I must have been very lucky on this deal.

Thank you so much for all your article. I am using the Braun 799cc since 4 years now. Overall I am satisfied except for my neck. I am prone to ingrown hair and have sensitive neck area and this is the reason that I am using an electric razor (I used wet Cartige and DE razors for some time and found electric razor work much better for me). It gives me close shave on my face but I cannot get close shave on my neck. And even that I go several times on the same area on my neck, my braun 7 still miss some hairs. Worth to mention that I have coarse hair, flat-laying hair in my neck and I use only Wet electric shaving every morning. Do you think that upgrading too Braun 9 ll make my situation better ?

I have a series 7 (760cc I think) and have been using it for about 6 or so years. I just bought a series 9 as it was on-sale for a great price (Amazon prime day, but its still a lot of money), but now I am reconsidering and thinking maybe better to just get a new foil/blade for the 7 and returning the 9 (its still in the box). What are your thoughts given the age of my razor and its potential life expectancy, etc? 041b061a72


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