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       from a dream to reality...       


I am a proud mother of two amazing girls  and two equally handsome boys, which means I am always finding and using lots of different products that is best for all of us. Products that are free of dye and sodium  comes at a cost. I kept testing products but did not come up with a plan unit my second daughter was born.

The amazing idea of creating our own unique products came when our baby girl lost all her hair as she  had eczema and the products recommended for her were too harsh.​ She went from having a head full of hair to be completely bald.

I started researching products that will work but was organic at the same time, this was a challenge I met a  lady she was into vegan and organic products after talking to her I decided to give the company recommended a try. The great thing about this manufacturing company they created products based on the customers need, after much testing and designing we came up with the perfect product which I now trademark for my baby.

I am excited to share our story with the world.

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